“Big Canyon did as I thought they may during their set on stage 2; they blew it apart! An out and out rock band - huge dirty riffs, hair flying, smashing drums but with an essence of southern rock thrown into the mix...”

”...the trio have serious potential...ones to keep a close eye on and the assembled crowd, which was considerable, were very appreciative of such a powerful performance. Great band, great set.”

DOWN THE FRONT MEDIA review Hard Rock Hell 2018
“...Big Canyon are the first (and, it has to be admitted, only) band of the day to grab me by the nether regions and make me go “wow!”...”

”...There is DC-meets-Zeppelin in places and their version of ‘Roadhouse Blues’ is simply stunning...”

”Definitely the band of the weekend”

Uber Rock review Hard Rock Hell Blues 2018

“...for me Big Canyon blew the roof off and I didn’t really want to walk away from their second stage performance...”

Tears of Fire review Hard Rock Hell Blues 2018